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Copenhagen Emergency Medical Services

Tapping into the future of emergency medical services

‘It takes a system to save a life’. These are the key principles Copenhagen EMS lives by, one of the leading emergency medical departments serving the Capital Region of Denmark. The Danish society has been a pioneer in operating their healthcare systems digitally, stretching back to as early as the late 60’s.

Copenhagen EMS is renowned for seeking and adopting new solutions and innovative technologies, in an effort to continuously improve the standard for emergency medical support. Driven by our shared ‘data first’ approach, we sought out their expertise when we saw an opportunity to set off Corti on a journey to provide a tool for improving emergency medical services.

“This is an innovation with the potential to change the way emergency medical services handle emergency calls.” - Freddy Lippert, CEO

We dreamed of the opportunities that audio could bring to healthcare professionals, and embarked on a partnership to test how our technology could assist healthcare with the most critical issues globally for emergency departments; detecting out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

Out of hospital cardiac arrest having one of the most notorious survival rates of any medical emergency, improving time-to-detection was and continues to be one of the most powerful means through which we could combat this issue together with Copenhagen EMS.

Our initial trials proved that we could build a successful human-digital partnership by showing that Corti's AI platform could reduce the number of undetected out-of-hospital cardiac arrest cases by 43%.

Those results had us envisioning the impact that technology could have in healthcare, which is a vision that has been guiding us ever since, bringing us to where we are today.

Q&A with Copenhagen EMS

What would be the highlight of your collaboration with Corti?

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