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Customer Testimonial

Ramsay Santé Capio Private Hospital

Documentation, medical coding, and billing made faster, easier and more accurate with AI.

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Our cost to serve each customer was increasing and at the same time we could see that our revenue per customer was decreasing.
- Peter Baltzer, Chief Transformation Officer

As a provider of private healthcare and a subsidiary of the Ramsay Santé group, Capio is expected to deliver world-class care to its customers. As such, Capio invests heavily in innovation that is anchored in the patient experience.

When Capio’s Chief Transformation Officer analysed Capio’s own health, he saw that the cost of delivering care was steadily increasing. At the same time, the market inherently assumes that, like most things, the price of care was expected to come down over time due to efficiencies and technological advances.

This worrying trend encouraged Peter to find new solutions and new thinking from engineers and novel technologies.

“We decided to partner with Corti because they had a product that was far advanced and ready to go into a partnership with Capio.”- Peter Baltzer, Chief Transformation Officer

“We suspect that we spend roughly 10-15% of our entire cost base on documentation, invoicing, and reporting, and we expect that to go up over the years as regulatory pressures increase.”

Peter Baltzer, Chief Transformation Officer


In all hospitals and clinics, an integral part of the care workflow is the accurate, timely documentation and coding of each consultation. Without this, the practice is non-compliant, unable to proceed the patient’s journey and unable to charge for its services.

Documentation and coding are almost always the responsibility of the Medical Secretaries (MedSecs) who rely on scribbled notes or voice recordings from those that were present for the consultation, the doctors.

The first challenge is correctly interpreting these sometimes broken, rushed and difficult to understand reports. MedSecs often listen back over the recording multiple times in an effort to guess what was said, which creates the first layer of time and accuracy challenges.

Next, these MedSecs often have a backlog of consultations to process as doing so is the first job to be put on pause whenever someone calls in sick or there are unanswered phones ringing from patients needing to book their next appointment.

These conditions can lead to slow patient journey progress, inaccurate documentation, inaccurate and incomplete diagnosis and procedure coding as well as inaccurate and incomplete invoicing.


Today, Capio’s doctors and medical secretaries have all the help they need.

Capio’s consultations are now automatically translated through each and every layer of required documentation.

First, accurate and structured notes are automatically produced from the unstructured audio or written doctor’s notes. Typically this is structured in line with SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan) or another chosen format of preference for that clinic or hospital.

Next, these notes are analysed by Corti’s AI in search of diagnosis and procedure relevant text to be translated into ICD-10 or regionally equivalent codes.

From there, these codes can be filtered through appropriate financial rules to create billing codes for invoicing.

At each stage, not only is the tool incredibly accurate, but it gives the user the ability to quickly and easily adjust the codes with suggested or direct-input alternatives at the click of a button.

With the suggested alternatives, the Corti system is correct 95% of the time.

This solution makes for faster, more accurate processing and gives the doctors greater control over the patient’s treatment journey.

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