We can't change healthcare without you

Join Corti to solve the real problems of the world.

What makes your career worthwhile?

Healthcare deserves a change. At Corti, we believe it's our job to ensure it’s for the better. We're looking for someone that cares about joining a team that contributes to challenging the status quo in the healthcare industry.

With us, you'll enable healthcare professionals to spend less time looking at a screen and more time with patients, including yourself and your loved ones.

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"We're all patients, and to work for Corti means to care about the ones who care about us when we need it the most. If you work at Corti, you have to believe that we can make the healthcare system better for the benefit of all of us. This lets us go above and beyond what's expected to support the ones who are there for us on the worst days of our lives.

I wasn't built a CEO, and it's not the role that drives me. I ended up in this role because I believe we as a society can do better to support caregivers and to make that happen. This, to me, is caring; failing, getting uncomfortable, staying curious, learning, and getting up again the next morning wanting to do it again."

Andreas Cleve, CEO and co-founder

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