Fighting COVID-19 with Artificial Intelligence

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With unprecedented speed, COVID-19 has become the most pressing concern for governments, businesses, and citizens across the world. Novel problems require novel solutions, and Corti’s AI technology is well-placed to relieve much of the immense strain under which the global healthcare sector is currently operating.


When a patient reports COVID-19 symptoms, they must be remotely triaged and prioritized. If they are under-triaged, their health will be at risk; if they are over-triaged, valuable resources will be used ineffectively. This is a difficult task for any healthcare professional, and the difficulties will only multiply as a function of increased stress on the system.

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Why Corti? is a European company based in Copenhagen, Denmark, that develops state-of-the-art artificial intelligence software. Our software seeks to analyze patient health, and help support healthcare personnel when triaging patients, in order to reduce over- and under-triaging.

Corti was founded in 2016 by a group of entrepreneurs with backgrounds from organizations such as Apple and NASA. The team at Corti has built technology that uses machine learning to analyze patients’ symptoms by listening to a large number of historic patient interviews. The goal is to gain a deeper understanding of what is being said and shared, in order to help the nurse, dispatcher, or doctor triage or diagnose the patient.

Curbing Transmission with AI

We have built an artificial intelligence that is capable of analyzing patient interviews in text, video, or audio formats, and detecting whether there is a high risk of COVID-19. The AI has already learned from more than 100,000 medical interviews about COVID-19 through our partnership with MedicOne at Harbourview Medical Center in Seattle, starting from the very beginning of the pandemic. We are now using these learnings to provide the healthcare sector with the best solutions possible.

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We are offering the following AI-powered solutions to emergency medical services and health advice lines worldwide:

Monitor Patients at Home

Artificial Intelligence-based self-assessment and Remote Patient Monitoring Software

Corti’s artificial intelligence can use health authorities’ COVID-19 protocols to help patients self-assess and self-monitor at home. Corti’s artificial intelligence can ask patients questions about their symptoms over the phone, SMS, or chatbots, allowing for distributed patient monitoring.

This solution lets patients self-assess based on validated protocols, rather than using an unvalidated third party product they may not be able to trust. Health authorities are also able to continuously follow up with citizens, since artificial intelligence software can automatically reach out to patients to ask further questions.

This will give a sense of development over time, which is highly unique. The goal for this tool is to reduce the number of non-critical calls to medical services and alleviate some of the stress on the system.

Main Advantages for Public Health:

  • Lower the call-volume for mid- and low-acuity incidents.
  • Maintain full control of protocols and implement changes within a few minutes.
  • Follow-up automatically with low- to mid-risk patients to monitor their health proactively.
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Pandemic Foresight at Your Fingertips

Map and monitor the spread of infection with artificial intelligence

Our software creates real-time maps showing the location of patients and those they have come into contact with, to ensure that appropriate quarantine measures are taken and potential outbreak areas are identified. These maps will be accurate and up-to-date as cases are identified by medical professionals and at the first point of contact with emergency lines, as opposed to through hospitals.

Main Advantages for Public Health:

  • Plan resources and specific interventions efficiently based on real-time data.
  • Identify areas of a potential outbreak - especially around high-risk locations like shelters and nursing-homes.
  • Inform medical first-responders about the infection-risk in certain areas.

Reduce the Risk When Triaging Patients

Standardize your patient interviews and questioning with artificial intelligence

We have developed a platform for healthcare professionals to guide patients through structured protocols or questionnaires, which can be quickly adapted by management according to changing circumstances.

The AI behind this platform will listen to patients’ symptoms during interviews, and predict their severity, giving healthcare workers a second opinion in every case, and thereby reducing the risk of dangerous under- or over-triaging. It will quickly identify at-risk cases, shortening the average call-length, and increasing capacity. This accounts for a general case-severity, but also specific incidences such as COVID-19 and Cardiac Arrest.

Main Advantages for Public Health:

  • Prevent under- and over-triaging of medical calls through structured medical protocols.
  • Support call-takers to adapt quickly to crisis-situations by adding case-specific protocols within 1 day.
  • Improve the time to action and quality of decisions through a supporting AI.
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Corti is building a solution to help save lives across the world.

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