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The AI Co-Pilot for

Corti is a clinically proven AI guide that augments, automates, and analyzes virtual care and face-to-face patient engagements

Exceptional virtual care with AI

Trusted by innovators and industry leaders

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All the tools you need to transform your virtual care engagements

It takes more than a language model to have impact in care delivery and service. That’s why we’ve built the software tools you need to impact every part of the engagement with patients, members, and consumers.

Route patients
to care, faster

Improve productivity of your patient encounters by +10%

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Efficient Triaging Platform

Analyze every call, for comprehensive QA

End random sampling, and give your team
the coaching they need

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Automatic Quality Assurance Platform

Decision support, for when
it matters most

An extra safety net with real-time suggestions

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AI-powered Call-flow Management Platform

Automate documentation and coding

Focus on the patient and situation,
not the documentation

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Medical CodingPlatform

Healthcare’s most powerful AI models are waiting under the hood

With an AI trained on +16 million patients and +550,000 hours of unique consultation audio, Corti's predictive capabilities can enhance the experience of both healthcare professionals and their patients

Healthcare’s most powerful AI models are waiting under the hood.
A.I your
will love
A.I. your Medical Director will love
A.I. your Nurse will love
A.I. your Call Taker will love
Trusted by 9 million swedes

Trusted by 9 million Swedes

Streamlining calls and reducing wait times for improved customer satisfaction

AI to empower Boston

AI to empower Boston

Together with Dr. Dyer and her team in Boston, we worked hard to help their staff feel empowered

Join us in shaping the future of healthcare

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