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The most advanced solution for ambulatory clinics

Greater access to better care at hospitals & clinics

The most powerful solution specifically built for ambulatory care clinics and outpatient care.

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Automated coding for every specialty.

The Challenge

Strained financial sustainability
Major workforce shortages
Rapid technology developments
Changing regulatory compliance
Evolving patient expectations
Complex integrations with other healthcare providers

Fast, automatic support, allows for slow, considerate care.

Ambulatory care clinics often face lower reimbursement rates, higher operating costs, and increased competition from other healthcare providers. At the same time they struggle to attract and retain qualified healthcare professionals, causing enormous workforce shortages.

These under-resourced organisations work tirelessly to improve patient outcomes, particularly among populations with chronic conditions.To do so they must keep pace with rapidly evolving healthcare technology, which itself requires significant investment in hardware, software, and training.

They manage complex integrations with other healthcare providers, working closely with hospitals, primary care physicians, and others to ensure seamless transitions of care and efficient care coordination.

Atop these challenges they must of course comply with a wide range of federal and state regulations, including those related to patient privacy, medical billing and coding, and quality of care.

Corti offers solutions that reduce the burden in each instance. Best-practice consultation structuring and guidance with automated documentation as well as procedure and billing coding in formats that are most familiar and preferred by that particular organisation (such as SOAP).

Clinical staff are able to engage more patients with slower, more considerate care and simultaneously lower the total resource requirements for doing so.

Our Impact

Automate 75% of Coding Workflow

Reduce overall administrative burden, and give more time to patients through automated coding

Reduce Denials

Create more accurate accounting and coding to safeguard all claims with AI trained on more than 50million unique patient data points

Cover All Revenue

Ensure that all billable hours and procedures are accounted for by identifying routinely missed codes

Review Coding Workflow

Identify trends of insufficient or inadequate documentation as well as patterns of over or under-coding.

Lower Overall Costs

Automate processes to lower overhead offset loss of institutional knowledge due to employee gaps

Improved Patient Safety

Reduce cognitive load for healthcare professionals to improve patient safety and job satisfaction

Our Capabilities

Automated Coding

As clinical staff give their full attention to patients, Corti’s AI solution automatically documents the consultation into recognized diagnosis and procedural codes.

The tool is trained on the latest ICD codes, as well as relevant national interpretations and specifics.

Automated Billing

Corti is proven to increase revenue per visit and reduce claim the denial rate through AI-enabled, automated billing. At the same time, the tool allows your staff to focus on other critical revenue-generating activities.

Corti’s AI-driven automated billing tool is trained on your organization’s specific needs to ensure that your work is quickly and comprehensively compensated.

Automated Documentation

Corti’s AI is capable of automating the documentation that your health advice line staff needs to fill out during each patient engagement.

During the consultation, Corti will listen-in, take notes, structure them in the right format (e.g SOAP notes), and populate the right fields; reducing the documentation burden by up to 50% per engagement.

AI-Enabled Continuous Improvement

Corti’s AI not only automates a majority of the administrative burden in your current coding workflow, but also enables an unprecedented insight into where that workflow might be improved.

By passively capturing and reviewing every consultation, Corti provides insights into patterns and recurring mistakes that can be avoided through edits to the associated process.

Enhanced Triaging

Corti Engage Triage is the world’s most advanced healthcare triaging platform.

Engage Triage is tested by world-class software developers and designers to reduce clicks, keep users focussed, and automatically capture key information to reduce time wasted on call.

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