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Drive quality and efficiency across every interaction

Rally your organization towards excellence and empower every person to drive change. Corti Clear analyzes every interaction to benchmark targets, identify training opportunities, and improve results.

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Photo of emergency call taker with call performance and protocol adherence metrics overlaid.

Corti Clear automatically monitors performance trends, manages compliance and reviews, and even performs training and upskilling. It’s this combined system that differentiates CQI from LQA.

Decrease call-handling time

Speed up call-taker training

Quality assurance on 100% of your calls

Identify performance issues 3× faster

  • Determine training focus areas and measure ROI of programs.
  • Spot employee burnout and staff turnover.

How it works

  • Tracks trends across individuals, teams, chief complaint types, and even response levels.
  • Automatically develops individual performance profiles with strengths and weaknesses.
Screenshot of dashboard showing call taker performance
Screenshot of the Corti Clear call review feature

50% faster call evaluations

Evaluate more calls in less time with AI support.

  • Give feedback to call takers much sooner.

How it works

  • Automatically detects questions from the protocol your organization already follows.
  • Build your own powerful evaluation forms or select from our library of prebuilt templates.

Engaging call takers in collaborative learning

Call takers continuously improve by both giving and getting feedback from their peers.

  • Continuous knowledge sharing between peers increases individual learning up to 30%.
  • Employees are more engaged and fulfilled.
  • Proven effectiveness with as little as 10 minutes per week.

How it works

  • Clear’s AI assigns calls to review based on highlighted strengths and weaknesses.
  • Management maintains a complete overview and can dive deep into the results of the peer assessment.
Screenshot of dashboard showing quality metrics
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In partnership with
Priority Dispatch for the very best integration with AQUA.

Screenshot of Priority Dispatch AQUA integrated with Corti Clear

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Corti integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, recording patient consultations without disrupting or interfering with the dialogue.