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DSS Health Insurance

Maximizing Customer Satisfaction through Efficient Consultations

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DSS is the fastest-growing private health insurance company in Denmark, having seen a 30% growth in their customer base from 2020 to 2021.

Maintaining that growth without compromising quality of service is a real challenge, so DSS partnered with Corti as support for health teams to;

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce call times
  • Reduce customer wait times

The aim of the collaboration is to empower healthcare employees to promptly respond to customer inquiries and provide appropriate treatment. This not only reduces the stress and burden for the healthcare professional but also ensures that patients receive efficient and effective care.

“If you need me to support the mental health team today, just direct their calls to me. With Corti I feel much better and more comfortable with taking these calls. So, it isn’t a problem anymore.”

Pernille, Healthcare Advisor.


DSS’ focus is to deliver top-notch service while keeping costs in check during their rapid expansion. Their Health Teams play a pivotal role in supporting DSS' growth ambitions by being the main direct point of contact for insured customers.

After talking to certified DSS healthcare professionals, customers are redirected to the correct treatment plan, and the goal has always been to trim call times, minimize wait times, and elevate customer satisfaction simultaneously.

However, constant hiring to keep up with the growth meant DSS had to make large investments onboarding new staff and constantly risked negatively impacting company culture.


DSS has successfully partnered with Corti to structure every customer dialogue and automate most of the documentation work which transforms the experience for both DSS healthcare professionals and customers.

Automated documentation removes a major distraction and has meant more consistent, accurate case work across the company. The fluent structuring of calls makes it easy to navigate health insurance policies, so the healthcare professionals can focus their entire attention on their customers.

By making it easy to navigate policies and document accurately, healthcare professionals are licensed to focus on what they do best, which is caring for customers.

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