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Customer Testimonial

Sweden's National Hotline

Enhancing Patient Safety and Productivity

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SOS Alarm is Sweden’s nationwide emergency-service provider. They are responsible for more than three million calls annually across emergency, fire, and police divisions.

  • Citizens were frustrated with long EMS wait times
  • No way to ensure call takers adhering to protocols
  • No insight into protocol effectiveness

A rising population in Sweden, combined with more demand for telehealth and a worker shortage, have exacerbated an already-existing need to support call takers through better protocol guidance.

“Our more than 800 operators use Corti for safer and faster medical triaging. This has allowed us to significantly increase patient safety through protocol adherence while reducing average call duration.”

Camilla Nylen - Healthcare Operations Manager


Call takers at SOS Alarm use specific criteria to assess patients, such as health status, breathing, consciousness, and other critical pieces of information.

Before engaging Corti, SOS Alarm had moved from paper-guided to digital-guided protocols using a suite of best-practice influences.

The remaining challenge was that they needed greater insight into the effectiveness of these adopted systems and an efficient means for continuous improvement.


Corti’s systems are able to structure the dialogue and metadata of month-over-month operational data from 2022 along with current SOS Alarm calls in order to provide insights at scale regarding protocol weaknesses.

We then used the collected data to optimize protocol, ensuring that the questions asked in calls were as effective as possible. With a laser focus on key areas, questions were added or removed and advice was restructured. We used A/B split-testing with pilot users to understand when protocol changes drove their desired outcome.

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