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Boston EMS Dispatch

Increased and improved quality assurance and training for 911 emergency medical calls

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Boston EMS Dispatch plays a vital role in emergency medical response, swiftly saving lives and minimizing injuries. They prioritize public health through community education and training programs. During disasters, Boston EMS Dispatch provides on-scene medical care, reducing the burden on hospitals and ensuring proper treatment. Their presence and expertise significantly impact community well-being.

Within the broader healthcare community, Boston EMS Dispatch is renowned for its exceptional services and commitment to excellence. They serve as a model for other EMS systems and collaborate with healthcare stakeholders to enhance emergency response capabilities and improve patient outcomes. This has earned them respect from healthcare providers and allied emergency services.

However, call-takers at Boston EMS Dispatch often lack feedback on the outcomes of the situations they handle. The review process for supervisors is slow and cumbersome, focusing mainly on identifying issues. These challenges contribute to the industry's struggle to retain quality personnel.

To address these problems, Boston EMS Dispatch utilizes Corti's AI technology for call review. The AI system identifies moments of excellence and areas for improvement, fostering a culture of continuous learning. Additionally, AI-powered call analysis generates data that validates call-takers' efforts and demonstrates their positive impact on society. This provides closure for call-takers and reinforces their crucial role in saving lives.

“On the old system it took about an hour to review three calls. Now I can do it in about 15 minutes.”

Terry Mentele, Lieutenant


The call review process at Boston EMS Dispatch (BEMS) aims to ensure high-quality care and continuous improvement. However, the current approach may inadvertently foster a punitive culture by focusing on a limited subset of calls and primarily seeking out mistakes. This can overshadow the achievements and contributions of call-takers in challenging situations and create an atmosphere where the primary goal is to find and punish errors rather than recognizing their efforts.

For call-takers, the job is already incredibly demanding and relentless. They handle emergency situations, trying to provide both emotional support and gather essential information to offer appropriate help. However, they often lack closure as they are unaware of the outcomes of the situations they handle. The feedback they receive is infrequent and typically focused on problems rather than acknowledging their successes.

The review process itself is slow, burdensome, and draining for the reviewers. Their efforts result in lists of issues that they must discuss with colleagues, further adding to the challenges they face. These problems exacerbate the difficulties in retaining quality personnel in an industry already struggling in this regard.


BEMS uses Corti's AI technology to support with the initial part of the call review processes, flagging key moments of excellence or areas needing improvement for human review.

This approach ensures a broader view of call interactions, acknowledging exceptional care. Human review focuses on targeted feedback and support, fostering a culture of continuous learning and collaboration.

AI-powered call review provides valuable aggregate data too, validating call-takers' work and demonstrating their positive impact on society.By analyzing calls in the aggregate, AI offers insights into overall outcomes and results of emergency responses, providing closure for call-takers.

These insights reveal trends, success rates, and patient outcomes, showing call-takers the impact of their efforts in saving lives and providing critical care, reaffirming their crucial role and fostering fulfillment.

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