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Corti Code

AI-Powered Medical Coding

Increase revenue per visit and reduce claim denial rate with Corti's automated medical coder AI. Corti Code allows your staff to focus on critical, revenue-generating activities.

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AI-Powered Medical Coding

How Corti Code Helps Providers


Efficiency Gains

Automating your coding saves time and resources.

Coding Accuracy

Put a stop to costly claim denials.

Revenue Uplift

Identify cases of undercoding and capture more revenue per visit.
Code Automate

Less time coding.
More time caring.

Reduce coding workload by at least 80% with Code Automate.

Providers use Code Automate to code a case in one click, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars and hours of cognitive load spent on administrative tasks each year. Once a clinical note is complete, the AI analyzes the text to determine the most appropriate diagnosis and procedure codes.

  • Overlays your current EHR
  • Supports ICD-10, CPT, HCPCS, and more
  • AI-powered Quick Edit tool
Less time coding.More time caring.
Corti Code overlaying an EHR system, showing a doctor submitting codes
Code Audit

Catch errors before it's too late

Evaluate your entire coding process at scale.

Spot issues in the remaining manual coding processes, such as under- and overcoding. Enhance your compliance identifying trends of insufficient documentation. With Audit, our AI is trained to spot inefficiencies and issues in your existing manual coding practices.

  • In-depth analytics on physicians and medical coders.
  • Flag insufficient documentation, copy-and-paste abuse, and improper use of modifiers.
  • Identify cases of under- and overcoding.
Average loss per hospital due to denials
Denials that can be recovered

Common Issues

  • Cases are routinely undercoded, resulting in procedures that are not billed.
  • Overcoding leads to rejections and risk of fines.

How Corti Helps

  • Identify routinely missed codes.
  • Resolve coding and documentation issues before they reach billing.
  • Improve quality and accuracy of patient documentation.
Photo of surgeon in hospital
Overtriaging Rate
Average cost of overtriaging per call

Common Issues

  • Not deflecting enough patients to lower acuity care options.
  • Risk of not prioritizing high acuity cases.

How Corti Helps

  • Identify and resolve coding and documentation issues before they reach billing.
Photograph of doctor treating patient remotely
Over-Triaging Rate
Unpaid Claims Annually

Common Issues

  • Incorrect response type (no medical necessity).
  • Insufficient or inaccurate Patient Care Reports.

How Corti Helps

  • Identify and resolve issues with responses codes or Patient Care Reports before they reach billing.
Photo of ambulance with paramedics

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Corti integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, recording patient consultations without disrupting or interfering with the dialogue.

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