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Corti AI Suggestions

AI-powered decision support for when it matters most

Medical call takers make better, more consistent decisions when supported by Corti's AI. It listens in to the interview and makes suggestions, like a real-time second opinion.

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AI-powered decision support for when it matters most
Analyzing call...
Response Level 1

Consider Echo response

The Problem

Dispatching the wrong response type can lead to much slower call times, wasted resources, and more.

Recognize emergencies and respond confidently

Engage Suggestions helps to triage patients rapidly and respond effectively, all with the power of artificial intelligence.

The AI listens into the call, prompting the call taker with advice and instructions on their workstation.

Image of patient overlayed with an alert for Corti Engage's Response Level Suggestion
Response Level Suggestions

Make the right decision

The Response Level Suggestions is trained to suggest the most appropriate response (determinant) level for a call, helping call takers to triage calls more accurately.

  • Reduce under- and overtriaging.
  • Help standardize dispatch decisions across the team.
Keyword Alerts

Build-your-own alerts

Create your own alerts and reminders based on the keywords detected during a call.

Use Corti Clear to identify a set of keywords that are strongly associated with a topic, and then set up an alert. A common use case for this is Alternate Response Programs, reminding call takers to consider such a response when keywords relating to homelessness, risk of suicide, or drug use. Agencies can hyperlocalize the alerts to suit their region, for example including locations or street names.

An example of a Custom Keyword alert, suggesting an alternative response for a mental health crisis.

Easy to get started

Engage Suggestions integrates with countless call-handling systems, including Intrado Viper and more, enabling the Corti AI to start listening in and making recommendations quickly.

Join the growing network of organizations revolutionizing healthcare

Corti integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, recording patient consultations without disrupting or interfering with the dialogue.

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