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The worlds most powerfull platform for health advice lines

The new way to deliver exceptional virtual care.

The only tool for health advice lines that delivers better quality of care and increases productivity.

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The new way to deliver exceptional virtual care.

The Challenge

Staff retention at an all-time low.

Hybrid care delivery is demanding.
Patient expectations are changing.

Administration is cumbersome.
Recruitment and training is hard.
Compliance problems are lurking.

Health advice lines can now deliver better care at a lower cost

Recruitment, retention, and burnout are huge challenges that make it hard for health systems to break even. We offer a new way to drive operational efficiency and quality care, allowing you to do more with less.

It’s never been more expensive to deliver care. As healthcare is getting more advanced, it’s also getting more fragmented and more complicated. This takes a huge toll on the staff, leading to stress and burnout, and a lot of inefficiencies. 

Health advice lines can be an invaluable tool to ensure that patients are routed to the right point of care, at the right time, and at the right cost, but most advice lines have old fashioned tools to help drive efficiencies. 

We offer solutions to help guide virtual care engagements in real-time and provide valuable feedback on performance. With better resource allocation, speedier training, and more positive feedback from patients, we help health advice lines. Some of our customers save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, and so can you.

Our Impact

Calls are more compliant

Corti’s AI will constantly monitor patient engagements to ensure maximum compliance.

Administration is reduced

Remove up to 50% of your documentation time by having Corti do it for your staff during engagements.

Call-taking is a lot faster

Contact centers using Corti are up to 20% faster while delivering the same or better quality of care.

Call takers are happier

After every engagement, call takers can spar with Corti to get feedback and clarity, reducing the stress of patient engagements.

Better care is delivered

With an AI quality assurance co-pilot, every patient engagement is automatically reviewed in real-time, ensuring that your team delivers quality.

Call taker training is faster

Using Corti you can radically improve the time it takes to ramp a new call taker and get them productive.

Our Capabilities

Automated documentation

Corti’s AI is capable of automating the documentation that your health advice line staff needs to fill out during each patient engagement.

During the call, Corti will listen-in, take notes, structure them in the right format (e.g SOAP notes), and populate the right fields; reducing the documentation burden by up to 50% per engagement.

Automate compliance checklists

Corti’s AI can monitor calls and consultations in real-time to automatically complete compliance checklists, find gaps and risks, and file them in the documentation.

This means you become proactive on risk and compliance, as every single call or consultation will be fully vetted and quality assured automatically.

Standardization of Call Taking

On every call, your staff defines how your members and patients experience your brand and the quality of care you offer.

With Corti, we can ensure that you make your best days your average day, standardizing the kind of care you want to be known for, and ensuring it is carried out across all your patient engagements.

Automate your QI program

It's expensive and cumbersome to run a successful quality improvement program. Corti's AI monitors quality assurance in line with your preferred protocols and KPIs and provides immediate feedback to call-takers in a cadence that's meaningful to you.

This will allow you to keep adherence higher, pace faster, and quality better.

Ramp call-takers faster

Being able to train new colleagues with organized, indexed examples dramatically decreases onboarding time and leads to a more comfortable, capable team.

Corti’s AI highlights the calls and their key moments in an intuitive dashboard specifically designed to bring new employees into a controlled but realisticc context of a call.

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