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The better way to deliver public safety

Making public safety even faster, better, and safer.

From Seattle to Stockholm, the world's best public safety organizations turn to Corti to improve operational costs, mitigate risk and upgrade the quality of their service.

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Better, faster, consistent triaging on every call.

The Challenge

Massive staffing shortages.
Mental welfare is at an all time low.
Call volumes are increasing.
Epidemics increase pressure.
Resource demands are increasing.
Inter-agency coordination strained.

Every year, public safety is asked to do more with less resources. Here’s how they can do it.

Public safety hotlines have evolved from a transport service to become one of society's most important institutions. Sadly, budgets haven't evolved accordingly, which is pushing top agencies to rethink how they work.

Allways ready. That's the reality of 911 hotlines in the United States. They're continuously accessible, assisting an increasing number of people in diverse situations.

Each year, we expect them to respond faster, dispatch more precisely, and aid us in a growing range of scenarios. All this while facing a complex world with emerging threats, pandemics, and epidemics.

Public safety professionals demonstrate resilience and agility, but unfortunately, the systems they operate within are often outdated and inflexible. Some of the top public safety hotlines have partnered with Corti to implement a system that provides enhanced quality and care, reduced costs, and minimized risks.

Our Impact

20% Faster Average Calls

Cut call times by up to 20%, through world-class UX used on millions of emergency calls each year.

Rapid Training Process

Corti streamlines training, evaluation, and rehearsal for new call-takers, and later, monitors their performance when they're "live."

Comprehensive Protocol Adoption

Agencies using Corti can measure how well call-takers stick to the protocol, and where they need help and training to increase adherence.

Increased Peer Engagement

Leading agencies utilize Corti to automate peer review and engagement, leveraging the command center to continually enhance quality through peer evaluations.

99% compliant to QA standards

Automatically QA 99% of calls with greater visibility into individual and team performance and autofill QA reports so your agency is compliant.

Minimize Over-Triaging

Corti automatically analyzes all calls, identifying protocols and cases with over- and under-triage, helping to reduce inaccuracies.

Our Capabilities

Enhanced Triaging

Corti Engage Triage is the world’s most advanced public safety triaging platform.

Engage Triage is tested by world-class software developers and designers to reduce clicks, keep users focussed, and automatically capture key information to reduce time wasted on call.

Smart Protocol Editing

Corti Engage features a protocol editor for storing question cards, protocols, and criteria. Effortlessly drag-and-drop your entire question flow, automatically populating the triage workflow for call-takers.

Conduct A/B tests for new questions, monitor effectiveness, and track challenges and enhancements. Never again wait months to update your protocols; do it in minutes.

AI-Assisted Notes & Time Savings

As call-takers navigate the Engage Triage flow, the AI assistant records notes in your format, generating comprehensive case notes for CAD and ambulance crews, reducing administrative time by over 50%.

AI-Enabled Quality Assurance

Corti Clear offers an AI-driven quality assurance tool that reviews 99% of calls for service, protocol adherence, and overall quality.

It provides call-takers with feedback and compliance reports to facilitate growth and improvement.

AI-Enabled Analytics

Every public safety organization needs more data to keep evolving, but the vast majority of the data available today is second and third order data stuck in old systems.

Corti transcribes and analyzes every call to create insights that can be used to improve service and care.

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