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Seattle Fire Department Medic One

Venturing across the pond, to the world’s best emergency medical department

In 2018, with an ambition to apply our previous learnings from our work with Copenhagen EMS, and to further broaden our research globally, we embarked on an R&D partnership with some of the brightest minds in the emergency medical sector, at MedicOne Harborview Medical Center, operated by Seattle Fire Department.

Every 3 minutes, Medic One responds to a medical emergency call. This accumulates to 149,000 calls received per year. Despite the surging emergency calls, cardiac arrest victims are 2–3 times more likely to survive in the region, compared to other cities. Medic One’s emergency handling remains to be the ‘golden standard’ for cardiac arrest survival.

“By utilizing our AI, SFD receives enhanced assistance in triaging patients and making sure that the most acute cases get help fastest, leading to more lives saved and an even safer community.”

But what makes King County’s emergency system so exceptional? The heroes of Medic One’s department place a huge emphasis on searching for ways to improve, and understand the importance of adopting innovative solutions and new technology to enhance healthcare services, just as much as in any other industry.  

We developed our artificial intelligence platform to track medics’ performance in recognizing and treating critical illnesses such as cardiac arrest. By utilizing our performance analytics solution to their daily operations,  the Medic One department has been able to make better sense of  large quantities of consultations, identify great and poor performance, and receive regular feedback through an automated notification system.

Q&A with SFD Medic One

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