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SOS Alarm, Sweden

Launching Corti nationwide with Sweden’s SOS Alarm

SOS Alarm, one of the most vital companies in the Swedish healthcare sector, is the nation-wide emergency service provider, powering the 112 emergency number across the country. They certainly challenge the definition of what a ‘normal day in the office’ looks like. With dealing over 3 million emergency calls per year and funneling thousands of patients into the Swedish hospital sector, ‘busy’ would be an understatement to define their day-to-day activities.

With the hit of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global surge in emergency calls continued to rise, and patient expectations have been increasing. In keeping up with the increasing patient demands, SOS Alarm recognized the potential in our technology to support their work in detecting cases and analyzing the spread of the virus.

“Corti’s technology will help our employees make faster and more accurate decisions in the most complex situations. The collaboration between SOS Alarm and Corti marks the starting point of a crucial change in technology that introduces the next generation of emergency call taking” - Maria Khorsand, CEO

Together with SOS Alarm, we formed a collaboration in order to detect COVID-19 hot spots, with AI-enabled solutions. Using our technology, we were able to monitor the developments of the outbreak, follow the spread of the infection across regions in the country, and identify patterns over a period of time.

By using information in new ways, SOS Alarm has set out to create a more effective emergency medical management that can benefit the whole society.


What would be the highlight of your collaboration with Corti?    

Corti’s ‘anything is possible’ mentality and their desire to push  boundaries is a definite highlight in working with the Corti team.

Why did you choose to work with Corti?

We want to learn more about how our data can be used. Corti’s solution support us in using our data for analyses and situation overviews to improve our performance in helping people in the event of social disturbances    

What is your favorite part of Corti's product?

The easy interface and user experience of Audia, going hand in hand with the vast amount of potential it can offer.

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