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Millions of medics around the world are not receiving the assistance they deserve.

Audia is here to help change that.

Keep doing more, with less.

Corti believes that technology augments human strengths and that it's a fundamental obligation to build such technology to enable healthcare to keep doing more, with less.

Audia was built to allow medics improve patient outcomes and internal performance across healthcare systems.

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Improve all patient consultations

Audia understands speech

Integrate Audia into your healthcare systems and start recording your medical consultations, receiving continuous improvement.

Upload audio recordings directly to Audia
Add Audia to any audio conferencing application
Integrate Audia with your organization's call manager

Audia understands video

Whatever video platform you utilize, Audia can instantly plug into your existing systems and start recording your medical consultations.

Upload video recordings directly to Audia
Add Audia to any video conferencing application

Audia understands text

Audia can help to utilize written information by analyzing and powering any textual interaction, such as a chatbot integration.

Integrate Audia as your chatbot
Synchronise Audia with electroinic health records

Integrate Audia in less than a day

Start uploading your consultations to Audia today to receive unique insights on consultations in order to improve triage, internal performance and understanding health trend.

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Improve triage

Audia ensures that every medical consultation results in patients receiving the best, most informed medical advice possible.

Improve triage

Improve performance

Audia allows healthcare organizations to make better sense of completed consultations, making sure that medics can improve after every single one.

Improve performance

Understand health trends

Audia allows you to utilize information from patient consultations to predict and understand health trends to better allocate your resources.

Understand health trends

Award winning Artificial Intelligence

Obtain instant access to information from the best-practise medical professionals from around the world.

Medics can act faster and with more confidence, while patients will benefit from reduced medical error and more accurate decisions.

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“This is an innovation with the potential to change the way Emergency Medical Services handle emergency calls.”

F. Lippert, Md
CEO of EMS Copenhagen and Corti Customer

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Copenhagen, Denmark

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SFD Medic One, Seattle


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Wellington Free Ambulance
New Zealand

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European Emergency Number Association
European Union

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Corti's Audia integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, recording patient consultations without disrupting or interfering with the dialogue.

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Corti's Audia integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, analyzing patient consultations without disrupting or interfering with the dialogue.