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Priority Dispatch Announces Automatic Quality Assurance of Emergency Calls Through a Partnership With The Artificial Intelligence Company

Priority Dispatch Announces Automatic Quality Assurance of Emergency Calls Through a Partnership With The Artificial Intelligence Company

Priority Dispatch® is now making artificial intelligence (AI) available for the entire public safety industry through a game-changing partnership that will make manual call reviews a thing of the past. 

For a long time, AI has been proclaimed a game-changer in the public safety sector. Now, for the first time, the public safety sector can get immediate access to the world's premier AI product, called ‘EXPLORE AI’, specifically designed to drive efficiencies in emergency dispatch centers. 

EXPLORE AI automates significant parts of the 'case review' and 'quality assurance workflow', which is key to operating modern dispatch centers. Today, quality assurance managers spend hundreds of hours reviewing calls, claims cases and training opportunities, often retroactively. The work is expensive and cumbersome, and the learnings are hard to implement across the dispatch floor. 

The EXPLORE AI software platform will automatically listen to all emergency calls and use its AI models to evaluate and review each case, allowing emergency dispatch centers to go from reviewing 2-3% of the calls manually to reviewing 100% of the calls automatically, with no intervention needed.

“The artificial intelligence (AI) technology used in Corti EXPLORE AI is a game-changer for the industry. Case Reviews are expensive and time-consuming, but they are a critical component of the emergency dispatch business. Analyzing what went right and wrong during each call is important so that calltakers can learn and grow in an environment of positive reinforcement,” 

- Ron McDaniel, President of Priority Dispatch. 

Through the partnership, EXPLORE AI will be able to review calls according to International Academies of Emergency Dispatch® (IAEDTM) standards, and it will be integrated with ProQA® Discovery and ProQA® Paramount. This will make the workflow efficient, especially when insights are to be translated into training opportunities. 

As quality assurance managers use EXPLORE AI, they will automatically find patterns in how calltakers triage their calls, allowing managers to hyper-personalize the training of each calltaker, which has been proven to improve outcomes radically. This will lead to higher quality calltaking and dispatching, but it can also be a valuable tool to reduce stress and employee churn, which is one of the critical challenges for the public safety sector.

“To date, the Corti AI has learned from more than 13 million emergency calls, and it is improving by the minute. Our AI understands the fine-grained detail of human language and background sounds, allowing it to find structure across millions of emergency calls. These patterns can help reduce overtriaging and undertriaging, By making these insights instantly available, we can save a lot of time and resources, and hopefully create better patient outcomes”. 

- Lars Maaløe, PhD, co-founder and CTO of Corti.

The partnership between the two companies will continue to unlock new applications over the coming months and years. Soon, EXPLORE AI will be integrated with the world-leading quality improvement platform ProQA AQUA®, to automatically help detect critical illnesses like cardiac arrest, stroke, COVID-19, severity assessments, and dozens of other chief complaints.

To learn more about the opportunity, test EXPLORE AI on your calls, or find out when we will be able to integrate to your telecommunications infrastructure, please contact us in the numbers on the next page. 

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Priority Dispatch is the world leader in providing research-based protocol solutions to emergency call centers in medical, fire, police, and nurse triage disciplines. For over 42 years, public safety agencies have used the IAED-approved Medical Priority Dispatch SystemTM (MPDS®), first with cardsets and now in ProQA software. Our solutions have been time-tested across hundreds of millions of calls and serve communities in thousands of agencies around the world in 27 languages and 56 countries. Get to know us at 


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Corti is a world-renowned artificial intelligence company that develops software for voice -and video consultations to help healthcare organizations improve patient outcomes in public safety and primary care. Consultations are the backbone of the patient experience, and with Corti’s AI platform, providers can automate quality assurance, documentation, coding, and decision support of patient engagements, leading to superior outcomes and efficiencies. The company is among the global leaders in applied artificial intelligence and has been recognized with several awards. Visit us at or contact us at