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Corti announces partnership with French fire and rescue service SDIS01

Corti announces partnership with French fire and rescue service SDIS01
Corti is incredibly excited to announce a collaboration with Service Départemental d'Incendie et de secours de l'Ain (SDIS01) in France.

Under the leadership of Department Director Colonel Hugues Deregnaucourt, SDIS01 is executing on a strong vision to create one of the most innovative and organized emergency service departments (EMS) in France.

SDIS01 is now deploying Corti's state-of-the-art cloud-based triaging platform that allows emergency call-takers to triage emergency calls at incredible speed. The solution is built in collaboration with some of the top EMS departments in the world, including the Seattle Fire Department in the United States, known to have some of the fastest and most accurate emergency triaging processes. 

“We are always looking for ways to improve patient outcomes and make the Ain department known for its safety, alongside its natural beauty. We expect that the Corti Triage solution will not only help digitize our organization even more, but it will also make us faster at reacting during patient calls.”
Colonel Hugues Deregnaucourt, Department Director SDIS01

The Corti Triage platform allows SDIS01 to digitize all their workflows and protocols around emergency call-taking, providing call-takers with an easy tool that will keep them on track during the call, without removing their personal agency. 

The solution is a part of Corti’s telehealth offering, which is an infrastructure Corti has built to help organizations like SDIS01 who triage patients over the phone or video.

It is Corti’s vision to augment medical professionals by reducing the documentation workflow, give them better tools for decision-making, and finally by applying machine learning to the calls, to help optimize outcomes. 

“Innovation is about taking a step towards the unknown. To do that you need partners you can trust, and a firm idea of what it will take to make this step worthwhile. In Col. Deregnaucourt we are convinced we have gotten a strong and innovative partner, and we firmly believe that moving the protocols and triaging process to Corti’s digital platform will help SDIS01 in creating a gateway for further innovations in the EMS sector, and hopefully also build trust in Corti as an innovation partner to help save even more lives in France.
- Andreas Cleve, CEO & co-founder of Corti 

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