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Spotlight Cortians

As our team members are the true core of our success, we want put the spotlight on them. Keep an eye out as we highlight three new stories of our brilliant Cortians every month!

Jeanine Brockhoff and Florian Schwiecker

Jeanine Brockhoff and Florian Schwiecker

VP of People & Culture and Chief Commercial Officer

March 22, 2022

Meet our VP of People & Culture and Chief Commercial Officer! 👋

Jeanine and Florian joined Corti in the beginning of 2020 and have been integral in ensuring the growth and success of Corti's people and products. Since they've joined, they've experienced some terrific memories with the entire Corti team, and they're eager to create more ones in 2022.

"One of the best things that we've done so far is going to Berlin together as a management team. We got some really difficult and important discussions going, making decisions that have really pushed our businesses forward. It's been quite fantastic to be part of." Jeanine Brockhoff

Both Jeanine and Florian believe that team building will be crucial in building a people-first company moving forward and enjoy seeing how much people truly care about each other in the company.

"The people are truly the best part of Corti. They're driven, they're super intelligent, and most importantly, they're so engaging with each other, which makes the culture here truly terrific"

Moving forward, both are excited to see how they can be part of contributing to a better world,

"What excites me about the future is being able to look back and think 'wow, I can't believe we did this. I can't believe our technology is so mature and adopted by so many professionals, that I got all these challenges along the way - which I probably can't even predict now. That learning and impact is truly what I'm most excited about, all while having so much fun doing it" Jeanine Brockhoff

We're lucky to have you Jeanine and Florian! 🤘