Enhance triage outcomes through improved accuracy and speed

Support for Nurse Advice Lines

Receive guidance during all medical calls, ensuring that patient triage results in the best, most informed medical advice possible.


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Save money and time while providing better healthcare for everyone

Better guidance using your own protocols

Increased speed and accuracy of medical calls

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Saving a child's
life with Corti

A mother contacts her local GP to enquire about her child’s fever and unusual rash. The mother mentions a recent camping trip, a detail missed by the doctor, who goes on to conclude that the child has Scarlet Fever.

However, Corti has been listening to the call in the background, picking up key details throughout the consultation. It suggests that the doctor investigates the possibility of tick-borne diseases, helping the child get a life-changing diagnosis: Lyme Disease. The doctor recommends an immediate in-person consultation, resulting in the prescription of antibiotics.

Live recommendations to increase speed and accuracy

Receive live alerts during a call and be immediately directed to key advice and recommendations which you can act on.

With this safety net, nurses can act faster and with more confidence, while patients benefit from reduced medical error and more accurate decisions.

Up to 92% detection accuracy of critical illnesses

Optimized protocols to reduce over and under triaging of patients

Analyze every consultation call and build on the best practices to improve your protocol foundation.

Throughout the call, nurses are shown which questions lead to the most efficient and effective answers from patients.

Save 5-10% of your time with protocol optimization

Every interaction tracked to accelerate the analysis of all medical calls

Every day, healthcare calls are conducted without being recorded and quantified.

Use learnings from previous consultations to provide the foundation for accelerated analysis and targeted training.

Call center analytics

Why Corti

Comparing Corti's Triage solution to traditional providers


Traditional triaging provider

Quality through standards

Guide call-takers through pre-defined conversation-flows



Seamless workflow-integration

Integrate easily with the majority of today’s state-of-the-art CAD-technologies



Customizable content

Tailor international best-practices to your local needs without relying on a single protocol-standard


New protocols in a day

Create and implement new protocols in crisis-situations with just a few clicks



Automatic detection of relevant keywords and descriptors - being a 2nd pair of ears for call-takers


Critical symptom-detection

Improve the quality and time-to-detection for critical incidents (eg OHCA, Stroke, Sepsis) through a supporting AI


Dynamic question-suggestion

Automatically suggest the best and shortest pathway to reach a conclusion - based on the questions being asked and keywords being detected


Continuous data-driven improvement

Assess continuously the efficiency of certain question groupings and adapt protocols based on that


Automate individual feedback

Provide direct post-call-feedback to call-takers regards protocol-adherence, speed of talking and the sentiment


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Corti integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, recording patient consultations without disrupting or interfering with the dialogue.