Empower your team to improve healthcare.

Navigate complexity
for better patient routing.

Groundbreaking research is only as good as the nurses tasked to carry it out in split-second decisions. Give them the best tools technology has to offer.

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Modern healthcare is overburdened.  We can do better.

Nurses are tired. We hear this all of the time, from every sector of the healthcare industry. Nurse advice lines are no exception. Staffing shortages, ongoing training, long shifts, and greater needs from patients contribute to their exhaustion.

Staff retention and training are costly and time consuming. It is difficult to stay up to date with ever-growing treatment options and patient routing opportunities. Mistakes on the line lead to missed information, wrong advice, and worse.

Nurses want to help people. We want to help them. We offer solutions to help guide nurses in real time and provide valuable feedback on performance. With better resource allocation, speedier training, and more positive feedback from patients, nurses and their organizations are better equipped to do what they do best.

Continuous learning from 16 million+ calls worldwide

100% of your calls analyzed

Reduce call time by 20% while increasing care quality

How we help to improve your team and your care

Protocol guidance

Ensure that call takers follow designated protocols and reduce instances of manual selection and over-triaging.


Gauge weakness in protocol and implement updates geared toward your community’s unique needs, benchmarking success along the way.

Automate notation

Spend more time listening to the patient and less time documenting with automated notation.


Automatically QA 100% of calls with greater visibility into individual and team performance.

Empower employees

Identify areas for greater awareness, staff training, and mentorship.

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"The collaboration between SOS Alarm and Corti marks the starting point of a crucial change in technology that introduces the next generation of medical call-taking"

Maria Khorsand
CEO of SOS Alarm, Sweden

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