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Corti was founded in 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since then, our team has grown across the world, attracting talented and extremely motivated team members who are all equally committed to revolutionizing the healthcare industry for the better. Our customers include some of the top medical organizations around the world, helping them every day to improve their decision making.



“The Danish AI Startup”

Global Startup Awards chose Corti as the best AI startup in Denmark.


“The Nordic AI Startup”

Global Startup Awards chose Corti as the best AI startup in the Nordics beating top tier sturtups.


“Best Global AI Innovation”

VentureBeat announced Corti the winner of the best global AI innovation.


Future Unicorn

The trade unions of the entire European union chose Corti at the most likely unicorn company from Europe.

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The highly skilled team at Corti is used to working with journalists around to world to share their stories. If you’re a member of media and would like to talk, please get in touch by sending an email to We will get back to you as soon as possible.



1. What does Corti do?

Corti's software platform leverages artificial intelligence(AI) to help healthcare personnel during patient consultations. As the consultation progresses, Corti's AI is listening in on the conversation to write notes, search databases, and compare symptom descriptions with millions of anonymized historical cases to ensure each patient gets the optimal treatment.

2. What solutions does Corti offer?

Corti helps telehealth companies, clinical call centers, nurse advice lines, and emergency service departments conduct fast, efficient, high-quality patient engagements on the phone, video, and text. Corti has two major platforms, each a trailblazer in its category, and together they form the most powerful software suite for the digital healthcare organization.

Corti Triage is the world's most powerful patient triaging platform. It leverages machine learning to guide users through the consultation to ensure the call is compliant and of the highest quality. Triage supports millions of patients, and allows healthcare personnel to save time on each consultation without lowering quality.

Corti Explore is the world's most advanced quality assurance, and documentation platform built for digital patient consultations. It files quality assurance forms, reviews the consultations, transcribes the conversation, and finds patterns that would otherwise be missed. Explore helps digital health organizations optimize staff training, reduce risk, save time, and it has been shown to ensure better patient outcomes.

3. In which healthcare verticals can Corti’s products be used?

Corti’s solutions, Engage and Clear, are used across the healthcare space. Today Corti supports many types of consultations from emergency medical calls and telehealth consultations, primary care engagements, and chatbot-based automated patient consultations.

The technology is grounded in industry-leading machine learning, which understands conversational dialogue in a wide range of scenarios.

4. Does Corti’s solutions integrate with other platforms?

Corti has partnered with premier medical organizations and technology vendors like Microsoft, allowing customers to leverage Corti's machine learning through Corti's software products or integrate Corti into existing products through Corti's API.

5. How does Corti's AI work?

Corti's software acts as an assistant to the healthcare professionals, aiding them during patient interviews. This is done by using state-of-the-art speech recognition technology, leveraging the latest innovations in machine learning to understand dialogues. As the consultation progresses, Corti will use an ensemble of different machine learning models to analyze different aspects of the consultation in real-time, allowing Corti to pop up on the user's screen and give them insights, cues, and recommendations for better patient outcomes.

6. What kind of AI does Corti leverage?

Corti’s AI is built on a variety of machine learning models for speech and natural language processing. Large parts of the pipeline are based on deep neural networks, convolutional and recurrent primarily. Many of the innovations built by Corti are published at major academic machine learning venues.

7. What's the vision of the company?

Everyone working at Corti has been and will be patients at certain points in their lives. Like everyone else, we carry our scars with us, and they become stories that define us. Many of us at Corti have been lucky enough to live in countries where we have had access to fantastic healthcare experts, but not everyone is that lucky.

That's our vision: We want to co-create a world where everyone has access to medical expertise at their fingertips, and we believe that augmenting human experts through artificial intelligence has the potential to be a catalyst for change.

8. When was Corti founded?

The company was founded by Lars Maaløe and Andreas Cleve in 2016.

9. How many people work at Corti?

Today, we are close to 100 Cortians, and we plan to more than double in size over the coming years, only hiring the best and the brightest.

10. Where does the 'Corti name' originate from?

The term Corti comes from "the organ of Corti". A spiral receptor organ for hearing that is located in the mammalian cochlea. This highly varied strip of epithelial cells allows for transduction of auditory signals into nerve impulses' action potential.

11. How can I start using Corti’s products?

Book a free demo today via our website,

12. How should I get in touch with Corti if I am a journalist?

Send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

13. How should I get in touch with Corti if I am looking for a job?

Our careers page provides all our current open positions on

14. Why is Corti the better choice than other machine learning companies?

We are researching new and novel approaches to solve critical problems within the medical realm, and we publish our machine learning and clinical findings for peer review.

Our product is specifically built for patient consultations, and our patented real-time speech recognition and natural language technology is designed for dialogues in challenging acoustic environments, allowing Corti to analyze consultations that previously were “black box”.

15. What do I gain from joining Corti?

Corti has a diverse pool of top talent, and promotes an egalitarian environment where team members can thrive and continuously learn and build upon their skills while getting the opportunity to tackle some of the most challenging and rewarding issues on the globe today.

Our team consists of 30 nationalities, and we only hire the best of the best.

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Corti integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, recording patient consultations without disrupting or interfering with the dialogue.

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