Big ambitions. Big impact

Why we are here
The healthcare institutions that we all benefit from today are one of humankind's most significant accomplishments. However, there is still a long way to improve the accuracy, capacity, and accessibility of the sector.

Practitioners often work miracles, but they do so with limited information, complex and sometimes unintuitive processes, and conflicting recommendations. We strongly feel that it’s time to give them better tools.

There is a critical need for these improvements

There are an estimated 400,000 annual deaths in the United States alone as a result of medical errors and misdiagnosis.

Putting this into context, 40,100 people die from car accidents, 140,000 die from strokes, and 12,830 are murdered over the same period.

We can safely say, that reducing medical error and misdiagnosis globally is one of the big challenges of our generation.

The quantity of information available to healthcare professionals is ever increasing

It is estimated that medical knowledge doubles every 3.5 years, and as a result, what a doctor learns during the first 3 years of medical school will amount to only 6% of what is known a decade later.

With 800,000 medical papers published each year, complete medical knowledge is physically impossible. Yet, if this information traveled faster, was filtered and analyzed at scale, and made readily available in a user-friendly way, we might be able to reduce medical errors.

We believe that technology makes up for human shortcomings, and enhances human strengths

With our artificial intelligence, medical professionals will be the conductors of an orchestra of medical technology, that will forever take healthcare out of reactiveness into proactiveness.

The route to achieving this goal starts with patient interviews, and here, the ability of artificial intelligence to process near infinite amount of information, coupled with the human gifts of intuition and kindness will perform magic previously thought unimaginable.

Where we began

01. Corti founded

When we founded Corti in 2016 in San Francisco, we felt assured that the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare could enable medical professionals to be better and faster, improving patient outcomes on a global scale

02. Multidisciplinary team

We gathered a multidisciplinary team of people from machine learning, user experience design, engineering, mathematics, and neuroscience, to help find new ways of advancing ideas that could make a life or death difference for patients across the world

03. Kindness, curiosity and humility

Many of our team mates came from prestigious institutions, but joined Corti to pursue a more meaningful way to nudge society in a more inclusive and empowering direction, building on basic human principles such as kindness, curiosity, and humility

Corti today

Today we have offices in Copenhagen and Vilnius. Although we work long and hard to live up to the privilege our customers have granted us, we embrace a distributed work-culture that allows for flexibility and creativity.

We strive to create a team of dedicated overachievers passionate about making a difference and spearheading a new generation of technology, democratizing worldwide access to medical expertise.

Our headquarters is nestled away on one of the most charming streets in the city in the very heart of chic Copenhagen. Here, close to quaint bakeries and cozy cafes, we have found refuge in a classic 17th-century building, bathed in sunlight.

Our offices are filled with bespoke craftsman-furniture, vintage danish fittings, and modern technology, creating an inspiring work environment unlike anything you have ever seen, built on the Scandinavian principles industriousness, dedication, humility, and simplicity.

Corti is backed by some of the most ambitious venture capital funds in Europe.

We have been selected as one of Europe's top 50 startups, chosen as the best artificial intelligence innovation in healthcare by Venturebeat, and we have been lucky to win a host of awards, including Europe's Future Unicorn Award 2020, for being the startup showing the most promise in becoming one of the next billion-euro companies.

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