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Corti Enters the Italian Market: Revolutionizing Healthcare with AI

Corti Enters the Italian Market: Revolutionizing Healthcare with AI

Corti is excited to announce its expansion into the Italian healthcare market, bringing cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions to a new frontier in Europe. This strategic move is set to enhance patient care and streamline medical processes across Italy, leveraging Corti’s proven technology to meet the unique needs of Italian healthcare providers and patients.

Italy boasts a robust healthcare system known for its universal coverage and high standards of care. With over 60 million residents, the Italian healthcare market is one of the largest in Europe. Like most of Europe, Italy faces challenges such as an aging population, regional disparities in healthcare quality, and the need for more efficient resource allocation. These challenges create a significant opportunity for AI-driven solutions to make a substantial impact.

The challenge has historically been digitization. While there are pockets of advanced technological adoption in Southern Europe, such as electronic health records, where the Italian company Dedalus is a global champion, there are still many parts of the overall health system that are paper-driven. According to the European Commission’s Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), Italy ranks below the EU average in digital public services at number 25 on the list. This indicates a clear potential for AI technologies like those offered by Corti to accelerate digitization, leading to more efficient and effective healthcare delivery.

Through our strong partnership with Microsoft, who are aggressively investing in the local cloud infrastructure in Italy, we can now bring some of the world's most advanced generative AI models to the Italian healthcare market.

Corti’s AI solutions will try to help reduce the massive burden many doctors experience regarding clinical documentation and coding. Corti’s proprietary AI engine has been used across three continents and outperforms the best open and closed-source models on the market today.

In Italy, we will be working with our partners to create regional champions that can help showcase the potential of real-time AI technology from Corti, and the gains that are to be captured. With over 30 distinct dialects spoken across Italy’s regions, the preparation for going live in Italy has been underway for a while, to ensure that we can deliver world-class quality across the country.

If you’re interested in becoming a partner or an early adopter, please reach out to