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Corti and Microsoft partner to launch an AI-powered chatbot at Copenhagen EMS, already helping thousands of patients

The Corti Team
Feb 21, 2023
Corti and Microsoft partner to launch an AI-powered chatbot at Copenhagen EMS, already helping thousands of patients

Amid the fight against the pandemic, self-assessment tools, like chatbots, have been on the frontier by assisting citizens before reaching healthcare professionals. The world-renowned medical service hotline, 1813, covering 1.8 million citizens, saw the potential of including even more intelligence into their medical chatbot for pre-screening. Now, Corti's artificial intelligence is pre-screening the greater metropolitan area of Copenhagen. 

Since March, the chatbot has answered more than 300,000 about Corona. 

COVID-19 resulted in a surge of citizens calling either low-acuity (1813) or high-acuity (1-1-2/911) medical hotlines. Eventually, 1813 doctors and nurses became impacted by the increased inquiries on the system, leading to the launch of their COVID-19 pre-screening chatbot.

1813’s chatbot, an out-of-the-box Microsoft Healthbot integration, was swiftly set to action through the impeccable work of a Danish consultancy agency, ProActive. The chatbot allowed worried citizens to evaluate their symptoms virtually and advised whether they should call a medical service hotline. 

However, all parties saw a need to offer something even smarter.

The majority of chatbots asked citizens a series of predefined questions, providing little or no personalized insight.

For years, Corti's artificial intelligence, Audia, has learned from nurses, doctors, and paramedics, in both a high-acuity and low-acuity setting. Audia has accumulated knowledge from millions of consultations, making it the perfect digital assistant for guiding the healthcare professional towards the right decision faster.

Audia will now guide the conversations  directly with the citizens through Microsoft’s chatbot infrastructure. 

Expect the future of automated consultations to be much more intelligent and personalized.

Read the full story on Politiken SundHed.

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