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Spotlight Cortians

As our team members are the true core of our success, we want put the spotlight on them. Keep an eye out as we highlight three new stories of our brilliant Cortians every month!

The women at Corti

The women at Corti

International Women's Day

March 7, 2022

Thank you to the women who shape Corti

In honor of International Women's Day, we got the chance to hear from some of the brilliant women currently working at Corti, who play a crucial part in shaping the organization as it continuously grows.
"Being someone with a background outside of the tech sector, I found myself both excited and very curious to join a company like Corti. For me, this has been a new and inspiring world to be a part of. I highly value being a part of a company that believes in diversity. I truly believe that diversity on all levels is key in creating better products." Sanna Andersson

We are lucky to have these amazing women on our team, so we want to take the day to reflect on the importance of encouraging more women to join the tech and innovation space 👏

💬  "I have a huge interest in the newest technology and how we can use it to the best benefit of us all. The tech world can sometimes be somewhat of a "boys club," but I genuinely believe we need to have diversity to reach our full potential. More talented women joining the tech world will help us create that diversity. At Corti, the culture is very open, professional, and inclusive. It is an excellent place for a woman such as myself to develop their carrier within the fast-growing world of technology." Ditte Nielsen

We're committed to improving the balance by hiring more women in roles across Corti and by having more conversations likes these, we hope to encourage more women and men to create more diverse teams.

"I think the ability to solve more complex problems is enhanced when diversity is brought to the table. Having different perspectives and backgrounds really pushes teams to come up with more creative solutions." Elizabeth Cassidy

We understand that breaking the bias and celebrating the achievements of women and diversity isn't something we only have to think about one day a year, and that we can forget the next day. It's something we try to think about and act on every single day.

💡 "I think it's important that more women join tech because diverse teams are stronger teams and I'm personally really enjoy the national diversity that we have at Corti - I think it makes for a more fun and uplifting environment, because everyone brings something different to the table, such as different cultures." Yasmin Shekari Goldbæk

Having outstanding women in leadership roles is one part of gender equity and inclusion. As business leaders, there's a responsibility to nurture and develop people based on their capabilities, leadership qualities and values, and help break biases around gender, ethnicity, age, allowing people to shine in individual ways.

"This day is about ensuring that each individual can be their best. In that, we still have a way to go for women in the workplace, especially in tech. Being in this industry for a decade now, I am lucky to have encountered amazing mentors who inspire and enable me to get further every day. Now being in a leadership position myself, I see this as a great opportunity to build a culture where orthodoxies and bias are not limiting anyone in unleashing their full potential. It is what you bring to the table that counts, not your demographics!" Jeanine Brockhoff, Corti's VP of People & Culture

More different perspectives at Corti will help us increase innovation, make us stronger, and drive business growth. Thank you everyone at Corti for your support towards a more inclusive environment!

We're actively hiring, so if you're interested in joining us, do not hesitate to browse open roles at We're looking forward to receiving your application and more importantly, getting to know you! 🚀