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Corti Raises $60M in Series B Funding to Accelerate Healthcare AI Innovation and Expand Work in Public Safety

Corti Raises $60M in Series B Funding to Accelerate Healthcare AI Innovation and Expand Work in Public Safety

Copenhagen, Denmark, September 20th, 2023 —  Corti, the company behind the AI co-pilot for healthcare interactions, announced a $60M Series B round today. The round was co-led by Prosus Ventures and Atomico, with participation from existing investors Eurazeo, EIFO, and Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker.

The new capital will support Corti's continued growth in healthcare through advanced AI that understands patient needs and optimizes clinician workflows. Additionally, Corti will continue to expand its AI capabilities in public safety. It will help call takers across Public Safety Answering Points to better manage the quality and efficiency of their conversations, and triage more effectively. 

Corti has built a top-tier medical AI focusing on text and audio data. Backed by extensive peer-reviewed research, Corti’s tech team continues to drive innovative breakthroughs and seminal clinical evidence. The proprietary AI software offers real-time guidance during patient interactions and emergency calls. It then supports documentation & coding, triaging and quality assurance following the interactions. 

“AI is moving faster than ever, and at Corti we continue to stay ahead of the curve by vigilantly competing with big tech on method and application. While lots of companies cannot maintain a competitive edge, the future is bright for the teams that can consistently innovate,” said Lars Maaløe, PhD, Co-Founder & CTO at Corti.”

Having grown at a staggering pace over the past two years, today Corti collaborates with some of the biggest healthcare providers, public safety agencies, and health insurers in Europe and the United States. Corti covers approximately 100 million patients a year, and augmenting professionals over 150,000 times a day. 

Corti's exponential growth across both healthcare and public safety demonstrates the tremendous value of AI assistants that understand conversations and workflows. With the latest advances in natural language processing and human-AI collaboration, Corti can deliver even more potent solutions for clinicians, call takers, dispatchers, and beyond.

"For years, we've proved that when humans and AI team up, the patient wins. This partnership between a healthcare professional and a Co-Pilot leads to best-in-class care, fewer errors, less red tape, and a better workflow, as every professional gets their own assistant. Through this investment, we will work to amplify our impact as we'll scale our offering to all kinds of healthcare professionals," said Andreas Cleve, Co-Founder and CEO at Corti.

The funding will fuel Corti's expansion globally, growing its team and client base. With AI that understands commonalities of cases across languages and regions, Corti's ultimate goal is offering global access to fast, consistent, and high-quality healthcare advice at a much lower cost. This builds upon a proven track record in public safety, where burdened call takers and dispatchers need AI support. The Series B funding enables scale in a healthcare market ripe for disruption, while also continuing to pioneer new AI solutions for Public Safety.