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Transform the future of emergency services.

Better, faster, consistent triaging on every call.

From Seattle to Sweden, public safety turns to Corti to improve operations costs, mitigate risk, upgrade care, and reduce cost.

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Safety in technology without the distractions

Emergency calls, including medical, police, and fire, are critical junctions for public health and safety. It is easier than ever for the public to access emergency services. In fact, they have a plethora of communication modes to choose from.

But greater call volumes and platforms are difficult for emergency call centers to navigate. This increased complexity opens up  avenues for risk amidst public demand for greater and more meaningful service.

Further complicating matters, staff retention is at an all-time low. Staff training is costly and time consuming, and yet quality improvement and staff empowerment are often pushed to the back burner.

Corti offers solutions to mitigate these challenges while elevating the level of service that public safety call centers are able to offer.

Continuous learning from 16 million+ calls worldwide

100% of your calls analyzed

Reduce call time by 20% while increasing care quality

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Protocol guidance

Ensure that call takers follow designated protocols and reduce instances of manual selection and over-triaging.


Gauge weakness in protocol and implement updates geared toward your community’s unique, benchmarking success along the way.

Reduce call time

Cut time spent manually inputting patient specifics through world-class UX and automated documentation.


Automatically QA 100% of calls with greater visibility into individual and team performance.

Empower employees

Identify areas for greater awareness, staff training, and mentorship.

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“Every second counts during an emergency, and this is a great example of how we can harness technology in the control room to determine exactly what’s happening to the patient and dispatch the most appropriate response."

Dr Brendan Lloyd
Executive Medical Director and Deputy Chief Executive of Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust

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