Billing is necessary. The time it takes isn’t.

Automated coding for every specialty.

Stop holding your breath. Automate, exhale, and get your team back to what they do best: focusing on the patient.

Speed up process. Slowdown care. Reduce errors.

Everyone in healthcare, from doctors, to nurses, to therapists, are overburdened. Study after study shows that juggling too many tasks leads to cognitive overload and negatively affects each discrete task, decision-making, and patient outcomes.

Doctors who code as they are speaking to patients take longer to come to a diagnosis. Nurses spend hours of valuable office time per day working exclusively on coding.

Healthcare professionals are clamoring for a better, more efficient way to reduce billing errors, create more time, and put the focus back on patients where it truly belongs. Corti offers the exact right solution for all of these problems.

Trained on more than 50 million unique patient data points

75% of coding workflow automated

50% of encounters automatically coded

How we improve your practice

Reduce Cognitive Load

Offset cognitive load, reduce overall administrative burden, and give more time to patients through automation

Cover All Revenue

Ensure that all billable hours and procedures are accounted for

Lower Overall Cost

Automate processes to lower overhead offset loss of institutional knowledge due to employee gaps

Reduce Denials

Create more accurate accounting and coding to safeguard all claims

Corti has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 823383
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