Technology that enables humans to do more

We imagine a future where all medical professionals can be augmented by artificial intelligence to better diagnose patients, reduce uncertainty, and eliminate fatal errors.

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Extracting meaning

We extract meaning from tough conversations and difficult audio.

Accurate predictions

We create immensely fast and accurate predictions.

Intelligent reasoning

We build models that perform intelligent reasoning in real time.

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Extracting meaning from dialogue

Conversations are noisy, implicit, and hard to understand, but they contain a goldmine of information. We have developed a multitude of deep neural networks that listen directly to a sound stream and extract the most important features. The better the quality of these features, the better our prediction and reasoning frameworks are.

Accurate predictions

We create incredibly fast and accurate predictions by combining machine learning models that utilize advanced feature extraction capabilities. By applying convolutional and recurrent neural networks, we examine a larger contextual input from which our models train. This enables us to find even subtle correlations in data with high accuracy.

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Intelligent reasoning

The strong feature extraction and predictive power of Corti’s platform enables us to build models that concurrently perform intelligent reasoning. Our models provide feedback and input in order to reach conclusions faster by combining a large structured knowledge-base of collected conversational data with deep neural networks.
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We are always looking for brilliant colleagues

We are on a mission that requires extraordinary people with a passion for learning and an ambition to have an impact on this world. We  are seeking individuals from diverse backgrounds who want to join a close-knit international team working out of Copenhagen and San Francisco.