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Press Release

Corti and Hejdoktor transform Telehealth with Artificial Intelligence 

The Corti Team
Feb 21, 2023
Corti and Hejdoktor partner to embed artificial intelligence in telehealth visits to streamline physician workflows and quality assure all encounters.

Artificial intelligence is coming to Telehealth. The leading Danish Telehealth operator Hejdoktor has partnered with the artificial intelligence startup, to embed artificial intelligence into virtual patient consultations to reduce the administrative workload and quality assure the consultations to the benefit of both patients and doctors. 

Since the beginning of COVID-19, healthcare has seen huge parts of its patient engagement workflow turn digital. Within a matter of months, the number of doctor-patient consultations happening virtually more than quadrupled, and the pace of digitization never slowed down again. 

Telehealth is now among the fastest-growing markets globally, growing +24% a year, accruing to a +$500b total market. Hejdoktor has built an omni-channel business model, licensing their infrastructure to customers as a B2B and B2I provider and offering their telehealth hotline directly to patients. Hejdoktor is now the fastest-growing government alternative in Telehealth in Denmark and has built a remarkable service, known for its high-quality staff and attention to detail. 

 “For us, the application of technology has to revolve around the patient. With this partnership with Corti, we will get more time with the patient, increase quality of patient care, reduce the non-engagement based workload of our doctors, while also opening the door to further optimizations in the future". - Mikkel Gertsen, CEO Hejdoktor has positioned itself as an analytics layer for the telehealth industry. Corti offers an AI-enabled workflow solution that allows customers to automate large parts of the documentation and quality assurance workflow before and after patient consultations. 

"Our artificial intelligence can listen in during a patient consultation in real-time, as a service running in parallel with the conversations. Here, we can take notes, fill out firms, search for symptom patterns, and export insights to EHR platforms, allowing us to save physicians a lot of time, who can then be more dedicated to the patient. We hope that we will be able to help Hejdoktor reach its mission of helping more patients”. - Andreas Cleve, CEO

Together the two parties plan to deliver AI-enabled consultations across Denmark, helping patients and providers to improve their workflow both before, during, and after a consultation.