Predict health trends to better allocate resources

The healthcare industry is fast-moving and dynamic, with new research and changing circumstances affecting the advice patients should be given at all times.

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Optimize resources without reducing patient safety

Resource allocation is central to increasing efficiency and improving patient care. This requires that resources are more heavily deployed when necessary and saved when not needed.

Audia allows managers to gain an oversight of consultations, giving them the tools necessary to prioritize resources according to a given situation.

Increase the efficiency of patient interactions to ensure resource maximisation

During live consultations, Audia suggests better questions to ask and directs medics to more appropriate protocols. AI detections reduce time to action and ensure fewer critical cases are missed.

Audia assists managers in optimizing protocols and generating more effective, faster conclusions.

Improve resource allocation within performance management

Performance management increases the efficiency and effectiveness of consultations conducted by medics, therefore saving resources.

Identifying abnormal consultations and analyzing medic performance means that training can be better targeted and tailored to address weaknesses. Managers can identify instances of optimal performance and incorporate this into training.

Performance Management

“This is an innovation with the potential to change the way Emergency Medical Services handle emergency calls.”

F. Lippert, Md
CEO of EMS Copenhagen and Corti Customer

Region Hovedstaden
Copenhagen, Denmark

SFD Medic One, Seattle


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Wellington Free Ambulance
New Zealand

Healthtech Hub

European Emergency Number Association
European Union

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Corti's Audia integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, recording patient consultations without disrupting or interfering with the dialogue.