Keep your call center at peak operations with a complete overview of performance and  trends

Call center analytics

Make better sense of your call center and surrounding environment by analyzing every completed call, allowing call-takers to continuously improve.

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Decrease call-handling time

Improve  recommendations

Quality assurance on 100% of your calls

Track performance and increase quality standards

Start automatically recording and annotating every call.

By doing this, managers can review 100% of calls to identify inefficiencies, poor performance, or lack of protocol adherence, putting their quality assurance on auto-pilot.

You can also track the best performing call-takers and the specific questions that they ask.

Receive more frequent feedback

Call-takers often receive infrequent feedback, meaning that the same mistakes could be made over and over again.

Receive frequent feedback by being automatically notified of performance against key success indicators, allowing you to consistently improve.

Improve resource allocation

Resource allocation is central to increasing efficiency and improving outcomes.

This requires that resources are more heavily deployed when necessary and saved when not needed.

Increase efficiency to ensure resource maximisation

Gain an oversight of all calls, allowing you to use the necessary tools to prioritize resources.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

SFD Medic One, Seattle


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Wellington Free Ambulance
New Zealand

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European Emergency Number Association
European Union

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Corti's Audia integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, recording  consultations without disrupting or interfering with the dialogue.