The ultimate triage solution for PSAPs, allowing EMS and 911 departments to improve speed and accuracy

The AI-based triage solution for Fire and EMS departments

The effectiveness of medical triaging can make or break a patient’s health outcome.

Take NG911 to the next step with a personal assistant, guiding dispatchers and call-takers through the call, ensuring that every patient receives the best, most informed medical advice.


Fewer errors

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Save money and time while providing better healthcare for patients

Better guidance using your own protocols

Increase the speed and accuracy of calls

Accelerate the quality assurance of all calls

Up to

protocol adherence

Up to

faster triage processes

Saving a life

A mother calls 911 to enquire about her child’s fever and unusual rash. The mother mentions a recent camping trip, a detail missed by the call-taker, who goes on to conclude that the child has Scarlet Fever and recommends the mother to visit the doctor later that week.

However, Audia has been listening to the call in the background, picking up key details throughout the call. Audia suggests that the call-taker sends the mother to the hospital due to the possibility of tick-borne diseases, ultimately helping the child get a life-changing diagnosis: Lyme Disease.

Live recommendations to increase the speed and accuracy of 911 calls

Start receiving live critical illness alerts during calls which directs call-takers to key advice and recommendations.

With this safety net, call-takers act faster and with more confidence, while callers will benefit from reduced medical error and more accurate decisions.

Up to 92% detection accuracy of critical illnesses
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Optimize protocols to reduce over and under triaging

Make sure that your triage is as accurate as possible by analyzing every call and build on the best practices to improve the protocol foundation.

Throughout the call, dispatchers and call-takers are shown which questions lead to the most efficient and effective answers from callers.

Save 5-10% of your time with protocol optimization
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Track every interaction to accelerate the analysis of calls

Every day, emergency calls are conducted without being recorded and quantified.

Use learnings from previous calls to provide the foundation for accelerated analysis and performance management.

Call center data analytics

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Corti's Audia integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, recording patient consultations without disrupting or interfering with the dialogue.