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Corti is an artificial intelligence-based patient triage software. It helps navigate patient interviews in real-time, ensuring that you ask the right questions and reach the right conclusions in time to make a difference.

Question asked

Patient breathing?

Question asked

Patient conscious?

Question asked

Patient age?

Ask the right questions and reduce risk

Failing to ask the right questions at the right time can dramatically increase the risk to both your patient’s safety and your liability. Corti’s software efficiently guides you through an accurate and efficient triage session.

Introducing Corti

By guiding the dispatcher through patient triage we ensure your risk of liability stays low as our software monitors the protocol adherence. It also helps the healthcare professional stay on track by asking the most important questions.

Corti is constantly listening to both sides of an interview, analyzing both the questions asked and answers given. As a result, interviewers get smart suggestions during the interview to guide them.

Second opinion in real-time

Imagine that every medical professional that interviewed a patient could get an instant second opinion from thousands of doctors, to reduce mistakes.

This is what Corti does. Every time Corti is used by a medical professional, operating a valid protocol, Corti learns from the questions asked and the answers provided to fine-tune the prioritization process and reach higher detection rates with fewer misdiagnoses.

Effortless performance improvements

Corti tracks every question asked, answer received and symptom detected during an interview. Leveraging this data, Triage 2.0 can establish which questions lead to the most efficient and most valuable answers.

The results of this are actionable insights that healthcare managers can use to modify questions and lines of questioning within the Corti platform to test and implement more efficient routes to get to the most accurate conclusion.

Saving lives one conversation at a time

01. Reduce risk of liability

Make sure the right questions are asked at the right time and ensure fewer mistakes for lower risk

02. Auto-detect critical incidents

The artificial intelligence will help your personal detect critical cases in real-time, like a stroke or haemorrhage, saving lives from day one

03. Lower Over/Under Triaging

The artificial intelligence will help you find patterns that can lower over and under triaging of patients

04. Automatic quality assurance

Triage will automatically build a quality assurance report of each patient interview reducing administration time

05. Faster Triaging

The artificial intelligence will help you get through the questioning faster, reducing up to 25% of time spent on questioning

06. Auto-flagging critical cases

As more and more interviews are conducted, the artificial intelligence will automatically flag cases it fears to be under-triaged

Improving patient outcomes means less risk

$750 billion spent on diagnostic errors in 2018, roughly amounting to 30% of annual healthcare expenditure, and $55.6 billion is spent on medical malpractice lawsuits each year in the US, increasing every year.

12 million patients seeking outpatient care will experience some form of misdiagnosis and 4 million medical errors every year have the potential to result in serious harm, or even death.

We help bring down the cost of

Proactive liability management
We help you map all the interviews with higher risk of liability, so you can proactively work to manage them.

Make questioning faster
Through our triage platform, Corti will highlight questions which are of low impact or are never used, to help you shorten the protocol and make triaging 20% faster.

Reduce employee churn
Empower your staff to never feel alone when triaging patients by providing them a second opinion in real-time and bespoke feedback on every case, increasing agency, and satisfaction.


“This is an innovation with the potential to change the way Emergency Medical Services handle emergency calls.”

Freddy Lippert, CEO of Emergency Service Copenhagen

Why Corti

Comparing our solution to traditional providers


Traditional triaging provider

Quality through standards

Guide call-takers through pre-defined conversation-flows



Seamless workflow-integration

Integrate easily with the majority of today’s state-of-the-art CAD-technologies



Customizable Content

Tailor international best-practices to your local needs without relying on a single protocol-standard


New protocols in a day

Create and implement new protocols in crisis-situations with just a few clicks



Automatic detection of relevant keywords and descriptors - being a 2nd pair of ears for call-takers


Critical symptom-detection

Improve the quality and time-to-detection for critical incidents (eg OHCA, Stroke, Sepsis) through a supporting AI


Dynamic question-suggestion

Automatically suggest the best and shortest pathway to reach a conclusion - based on the questions being asked and keywords being detected


Continuous data-driven improvement

Assess continuously the efficiency of certain question groupings and adapt protocols based on that


Automate individual feedback

Provide direct post-call-feedback to call-takers regards protocol-adherence, speed of talking and the sentiment


Key product features


Triage Guide
Efficiently guides interviewers through an accurate and efficient triage session with intuitive and customizable protocol flows.

Protocol Monitoring
Corti automatically monitors the extent to which interviewers stick to protocols and finds ways to support the dispatcher to stay on track, or deviate when needed.

State-of-the-art call recording
Not only will you get the interview recorded with Corti; the interview record is automatically mapped to AI insights from the audio file - it even makes the audio search.

Diagnostic Detection
Through semantic and acoustic analysis, Corti’s machine learning platform provides triaging suggestions informed by thousands of past cases, proving interviewers with unique insights and data-backed guidance.

Leading Speech Recognition
Corti’s proprietary speech recognition outperforms all other systems on the market. The AI detects rate-of-speech and understands the true sentiment of the conversation, assisting healthcare professionals to infer meaning, even within the noisy acoustic signal typical to emergency calls.

Triage Suggestions
Machine learning enables advanced adaptive triage suggestions. When symptoms are detected, relevant protocols are suggested to the interviewer to accelerate diagnosis speed and reduce call duration.

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Corti integrates seamlessly with your existing phone systems, recording calls without disrupting or interfering with the signal.