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February 15, 2021

Former Accenture Innovation lead joins Corti to prepare the team for global scaling


February 15, 2021

Jeanine Brockhoff joins the artificial intelligence startup, following the company’s ambitions to scale globally.

Rethinking problems to unleash new value has always excited Jeanine. With nine years of experience facilitating some of the best C-suite groups in Europe and leading HR transformation programs for organizations with 150.000+ employees, Jeanine Brockhoff is an invaluable addition to Corti, as the company stands on the brink of building a global workforce. 

“The notion of HR as being separate from performance is archaic and anchored in a world-view from the industrial age, where employees were seen as a resource to optimize. Instead, HR should be the driver of performance and development through an innovative approach to personal enablement. This is exactly what we get in Jeanine, and I am sure she will prove to be a fabulous leader and a strategic sparring partner for me, giving us a definite competitive edge. I’m excited that we convinced her to join.”
Andreas Cleve, CEO & Co-founder at Corti

Driven to solve issues no one else can, Jeanine has worked with innovation for almost a decade. Often, she has had to develop new solutions from the ground up. Other times, she has been pivotal in creating momentum enough to redesign antiquated processes, but it has always been with a clear connection to commercial outcomes.

Her structural approach and analytical mindset allow her to solve human-centered problems without creating misalignment with business goals, an essential task at a people-centric company like Corti, where the workforce is rapidly changing its composition. 

From being a very research-driven organization with primary data scientists and developers on the payroll, Corti has now started to build its commercial workforce in both Europe and the USA at a frantic pace. 

"I believe that Corti might be one of very few companies in this generation capable of the massive impact as I foresee we will have at Corti. This journey will be exciting but also daunting, and it will at times create a more unstable environment than what you would find at bigger companies. Therefore, it will be my main mission to figure out how to make Corti a place where every employee can be their authentic self, thrive, and perform, with delivering a positive societal value, under these conditions during the growth phase."
Jeanine Brockhoff, Head of HR at Corti

At Accenture, Jeanine worked with key clients across the healthcare and pharma sectors as a leading member of Accenture's Talent and Organization team. She developed a comprehensive understanding of crucial business challenges unique to these industries, enabling her to facilitate over 30 senior leadership groups worldwide in solving commercial problems through human-centered innovation.    

"Jeanine is an inspiring leader. She knows how to get our attention with clear numbers that identify a need for action and then inspire us with her highly caring and cut to the chase approach to finding solutions. Together with Lars and Andreas, we saw the potential in a strong HR strategist like Jeanine to both lay the HR foundation for fast scaling while also caring for employees, helping them perform at their best."

- Maiken Claudi Lassen, VP People & Culture at Corti

Jeanine is an avid traveler, is fluent in 6 languages, and is a true pioneer within HR. She has co-written various thought leadership pieces focusing on the “Workforce of the Future,” Employee Experience, and Conscientious Innovation. 

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Corti has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 823383
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