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March 10, 2021

Corti hires US Sales Director David Pridmore, to set the company’s next chapter in motion


March 10, 2021

David will be key in leading sales and partner relationships to accelerate Corti’s US operations. 

A Southern man from Nashville Tennesse, David is not only a very talented musician, but he is also exceptional at identifying market opportunities, building relationships, and winning customers within the digital healthcare sector. 

With a 30-year tenure in strategic sales roles, David has been steering an impressive career path in the digital healthcare space. 

A former Sales Director at Philips Medical Systems and Vice President of Sales at CareCentric, a B2B healthcare enterprise, David has driven strategic sales planning for the latest and most efficient medical technologies, improving productivity, utilization, and patient satisfaction in healthcare. 

With a stellar track record, established network, and high expertise in running successful sales teams, David is highly equipped to ramp up Corti’s operations across the US.  

“Having worked with David in the past I know he will be a cornerstone for our future success in the US. He combines great sales- and leadership skills”
Florian Schwiecker, Chief Commercial Officer at Corti 

In pursuit of broadcasting Corti’s mission to democratize access to healthcare for all, David will assemble a team of outstanding sales experts to carry the message across the United States and help the medical professionals in making life-saving decisions in all regions of the country, using Corti’s artificial intelligence technology. 

“When you've been involved in many different business solutions, it is extremely motivating to find something like Corti, where everything is set out to really help people at the point of their most crucial need. Building a team of quality people to take Corti’s message out across the US is what I’m determined to do”.    
- David Pridmore, Director of US Sales at Corti

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