Come see how AI can help dispatchers do more

Like a dispatcher, Corti analyzes everything a caller says and shares during an emergency call. The data is sent through layers of artificial neural networks in real-time. As an emergency call proceeds Corti looks for patterns in the call data to help the human dispatcher be more thorough and efficient, never missing a single clue. 

Try our AI at NENA booth #750

At NENA 2018, we showcased how Corti can help a dispatcher in real-time over a live call, by analyzing the call audio and quickly detecting patterns to determine if the call is a cardiac arrest and and help initiate rescue steps for the patient.

Learn more about the Copenhagen's results with AI

By using Corti to augment emergency calls, Copenhagen EMS were able to detect cardiac arrest with up to 95% accuracy, reducing the error rate with +80%.

Corti has been live at Copenhagen EMS since May 2017, detecting +200 cardiac arrests in less than 60 seconds on average.

Become a partner

The Corti Technology Partner program is a community of world-class EMS software providers and leaders who are committed to bringing the latest in cutting edge artificial intelligence tools into EMS. Together, we are providing a new approach to emergency call services that is rapidly gaining momentum.

Our promise to our partners is to invest in collaboration with those who are committed to integrating artificial intelligence-based decision support services into their technologies.