Becoming the best in the world at detecting cardiac arrest

Copenhagen EMS implemented Corti on the official emergency number 112 to utilize Corti’s AI to detect cardiac arrest cases faster and more accurately.

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In 2016, Corti and Copenhagen EMS started a partnership to merge human expertise with AI to improve performance on emergency calls.

How it works

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1. A call is made

When a patient or a bystander makes an emergency call, the dispatcher at the other end of the line must triage the patient on their own. With Corti implemented, the dispatcher now gets a digital assistant that listens in on the conversation and helps to look for important signals in both verbal and nonverbal communication, such as tone of voice and breathing patterns, while also considering other metadata.

Output: Predictive audio analytics.

2. Automatic analysis

All the data provided during the emergency call is automatically analyzed by Corti and then compared to millions of historic emergency calls which Corti has already analyzed, to find important patterns.

Output: Smart quality assurance.

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3. Real-time recommendations

As Corti’s understanding of the incident increases, Corti will try to predict the criticality of the patient’s situation based on symptom descriptions and the signals gathered from voice and audio. These insights are delivered to the dispatcher as alerts and recommendations.

Output: Alerts and recommendations

The result is smarter than you think​

See how Corti can help a dispatcher diagnose a cardiac arrest case during an emergency call.

“This is an innovation with the potential to change the way Emergency Medical Services handle emergency calls.”
Freddy Lippert, md