Spotlight Cortians

As our team members are the true core of our success, we want put the spotlight on them. Keep an eye out as we highlight three new stories of our brilliant Cortians every month!

Jonas Vang Gregersen

VP of Product

November 13, 2021

Meet Jonas, Corti's VP of Product! 

Jonas comes from quite an impressive background, from his journey at Google Inc - where he was part of a remarkable growth journey from 2,000 to 74,000 Googlers - to leading Pandora's product offering, adapting to a new reality across 3000 stores in 90 markets.

Now, he's working with the Corti team, driving the development of our product portfolio and ensuring that products and services deliver value to our clients across the globe. 

"Yeah, I knew of Corti before joining; I always knew it as a startup that really had a clear sense of purpose and a strong Founder team. And that people enjoyed working there. So when Lars, the CTO, approached me about this role, I got very excited!"

Jonas' has worked in different countries worldwide, mainly in the technology sector, seeing his passion predominantly in product teams.

"I have worked in the Technology sector for 20 years in various roles and countries, but this is the first time that I've worked in the healthcare space, it's definitely a new area. I've learned lot of new aspects about Telehealth and Emergency Medical Services, as these are new areas for me - it's definitely a learning curve".

When asked what stood about Corti to him, Jonas said that Corti is an "incredibly result-driven company with purpose in mind. And that creates a strong company culture that new joiners like me quickly pick up on and become part of.  On my first day, I made it my mission to meet as many Cortians as possible, which I did. I was impressed with how talented they are - and friendly! You 'feel part of the family' very soon after joining."

Fun fact: Jonas was selected special advisor by Google for the renewal of the Kyoto agreement under COP15 where he executed a global campaign reaching millions and involving VIPs like Kofi Annan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Michael Friedman. 

"What Corti does really speaks to me; using sophisticated and state of the art technology to save lives and drive positive change for the benefit of patients and medical staff!" 

Jonas has already proven to be precisely what Corti needs for the next adventure in our growth journey.  Aaaand, he is also a really nice guy, you can even see for yourself!