Spotlight Cortians

As our team members are the true core of our success, we want put the spotlight on them. Keep an eye out as we highlight three new stories of our brilliant Cortians every month!

Johan Hedevåg

Senior Advisor, Telehealth

November 9, 2021

Meet Johan Hedevåg, who plays a major role in ensuring Corti's success in Telehealth!

Currently located with his family in Stockholm, Sweden, Johan works closely with Corti's Product Team, enabling the team to build the best scaling and product development strategy. His role includes helping with anything from recruitment to the value proposition of new products.

"What attracted me to Corti was the impressive technical foundation together with the scientific approach to problem-solving. Add high velocity to the mix, and you might find the recipe for success."

It goes without saying that Johan didn't join Corti without experience or knowledge of the technology industry. Not only has he worked as a professional poker player and robot builder, but he has experience working as a medical doctor.

Before finding his current passion in healthtech, Johan worked at Kry, where he initiated and led their biggest product area, scaling it from 1 cross-functional team of 8 employees to 11 cross-functional teams of 70+ employees. At Kry, he built tools for healthcare professionals focused on user experience, efficiency, medical quality and scalability.

Johan's knowledge is helping the Corti team utilize to the best of our ability to make sure that we make the right product solving the most significant problems.

"Corti reminded me about the power of science & technology when combined with a strong mission. For this, I am truly grateful to be part of the team."

We're fortunate to have Johan assisting us on this journey!