Spotlight Cortians

As our team members are the true core of our success, we want put the spotlight on them. Keep an eye out as we highlight three new stories of our brilliant Cortians every month!

Jack Lasse McInness

Head of Brand

June 23, 2022

Say hi to the new addition to the Corti team: Our Head of Brand, Jack McInness! 👋

As Head of Brand, Jack will spend his first few months supporting the Commercial and Product teams in building a unified language around Corti's products and offerings.

Jack is joining Corti with years of experience in branding from companies such as NoA, Anthill Agency, and Leo Pharma. He studied Marketing and Economics in Australia, where he's from, but has spent the majority of his career in Denmark working in marketing and branding in the healthcare space ⚕️🎨

"I really believe that Corti is at a point where it's crucial that we start sharing the mission and story, that's why I'm particularly excited about the role"

When he's not doing A+ branding work at the office, Jack likes to spend his time renovating old-school cars 🏎

"I'd say that I spend quite a lot of my time on my back on my concrete floor underneath old cars. Don't know if I'm talented at it though, but most likely better than your average Copenhagener that doesn't have a drivers license 😉"

Jack first moved to Copenhagen in 2008 and lived there for a while before returning to Australia. Buuut, it wasn't long he came right back, after realizing how much he missed it and has lived in the city for seven years now 🇩🇰

I think Copenhagen has become a very cosmopolitan city. It's terrific to have so many people from all over the world that offer different and new perspectives. I always say that it's easy to make good decisions in Copenhagen and that it's a great city to be your best self.

Please join us in giving a warm welcome to Jack. We're excited to have him as part of the team! 🙏