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Why are we here?

Doctor-patient interaction relies on a question-and-answer based approach to diagnostics that is as old as medical practice itself.
A plethora of problems are inherent in this method, as the smallest misunderstandings can lead to fatal mistakes.
We imagine a future where every medical professional will have an artificial intelligence based expert agent augmenting them as they diagnose patients, eliminating fatal errors and reducing guesswork by enhancing the skills of the human agent.

Corti analyzes everything a patient says and shares, from journal data, meta data, voice data, acoustic data, language data, their dialect, questions, and environmental features. All the data are sent through layers of deep neural networks in real-time as the conversation proceeds. The medical agent ends up with clear advice from Corti, enabling them to make faster detections and initiate better treatment plans.

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We are on a mission that requires extraordinary people with a passion for learning and an ambition to have an impact on the world. We  are seeking individuals from diverse backgrounds who want to join a close-knit international team working out of Copenhagen and Seattle.