To accommodate a wide variety of IT environments, we had to completely rethink how to deploy machine learning models in the wild. Our own platform for serving machine learning models limits the amount of resources needed, enabling us to fully exploit everything from top of the line GPU servers to CPU-based embedded devices while still maintaining high security, privacy and uptime, and extreme real-time performance.
Machine learning in the wild.
We take data security and privacy seriously.
Corti will keep your audio signals extremely safe. Our development ethos is driven by privacy by design, and we have built the Corti platform in a way that protects your daily operations from security risks.  We also use industry-grade encryption standards like FIPS to protect data from unauthorized access and further ensure there is no risk of it being compromised.
The strong feature extraction and predictive power of Corti’s framework enables us to build models that perform reasoning over dialogues. Our models provide feedback and input in order to reach conclusions faster by combining a large structured knowledge-base of collected conversational data with deep neural networks that have the capability to understand a dialogue and output a question.
Let machine learning join the dialogue.
We create extremely accurate and fast predictions by collecting models that utilize advanced feature extraction capabilities. By applying convolutional and recurrent neural networks, we consider a large contextual input from which our models train.  This enables us to find even subtle correlations in data with high accuracy.
Accurate predictions.
Conversations are noisy, implicit, and hard to understand, but they preserve a goldmine of information from conversational context to the background noise. We have developed a multitude of deep neural networks that listen directly to a sound stream and extract the most important features. The better the quality of these features, the better our prediction and reasoning frameworks are.
Extracting features from dialogues.
Feature extraction.
Predicting symptoms.
Dialogue understanding.
Machine learning in the wild.
At Corti we engage in four major technological areas of artificial intelligence.
We are at the frontier of AI and Machine Learning.
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