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Corti connects with all types of audio streams, making it easy to combine all your important calls on a single platform.

We connect with all key phone infrastructure providers or we supply the necessary hardware, so you can seamlessly integrate our tools out-of-the-box.
Connect with every phone system.
Corti helps you analyze your historic recordings to generate insights on where and how to optimize performance. Our analysis can find deviations from best practice, and even simulate new calls, so agents can train and improve their skills.  
Improvements through analysis, training, and simulations.
The Corti platform enables you to use the enormous amounts of data your employees create every day. We can help you build diagnostic skills by giving you a broad overview of your data.

The platform will inform you when new data is available and guide you through insights and improvement actions you can take across your organization.
Add your own medical diagnostic skills.
Corti analyzes everything from the voice, acoustics, language, dialect, and environmental features of a call. These are sent through layers of deep neural networks during the conversation in real time.
Give all your agents their own personal medical expert.
He knocked his head
He's not responding
He can't get up
Discover how Corti can help you handle all your medical diagnostics from a single platform.
The medical diagnostics platform.